Demo of Nifty Widgets on this, a free WordPress site

This is a product grid

Cool, hey?

Here’s a horizontal scroller

What do you think?

Here’s a vertical scroller

Note that it’s floated to the right but you could float it to the left or not float it at all, if that suits you better.

Also note that when you want to stop stuff appearing next to the floated widget, you add a spacer block, available under layout elements

Linkify paragraph

For completeness, there follows a paragraph made with the linkify widget tool. If you don’t know it, it lets you link some text in a paragraph to a slideshow sharer page, a product grid sharer page or a specific product.

So this is the paragraph made with the linkify widget tool. I chose to link it to a slideshow of the espadrilles above.
Once I pasted it, I still had to click the link to make it open in a new tab.

Zazzle WordPress Plugin – NiftyGridZPro

I want to let you know about an amazing Zazzle WordPress plugin called NiftyGridZPro.

Zazzle WordPress plugin

First, let me introduce myself. I’m a Zazzler (HightonRidley), quite well known in the Zazzle community for the tools I create to help my fellow Zazzlers promote their amazing artwork.

Many aspects of promoting need technical skills beyond most artists’ abilities. I’ve always felt it unfair that their work should suffer in the promoting stakes as a result.

Being Successful

To be successful at promotion requires two things:

  1. Ability to create great content visitors will enjoy / learn from
  2. Including (when relevent!) products that go with the content

Number one takes time but no technical skills. Number two is the time consumer and defeater for most artists.

The upshot? You can spend more time getting the products than writing the article! And that fact leads to:

  • lower quality articles that …
  • attract fewer visitors which …
  • leads to lack of referral success …
  • ..and disillusionment
  • rinse and repeat until you give up

And Zazzle’s sharing approach isn’t the answer. Keep reading to find out why.

Gotchas down Zazzle’s Way

Sure, Zazzle lets you share from each product’s page via the share buttons and sometimes that’s the way to go. But it’s so time consuming and there’s gotcha’s to be wary of. Like adding a tracking code. Like being sure your referral id is included, which you can’t actually see in their new shortened links.

And if you’re sharing someone else’s product in the hope of earning referral commission, what if they delete it? You get broken links is the answer. What if you have lots of international visitors? Only those buying from the domain you share will earn you commission. If they follow your .com link but buy from the, say, Australian Zazzle site, you don’t earn the commission.

What you really need

This works:

  • Spend 95% of your time on your article,
  • Only spend 5% of the time (if that) getting the products – all correctly linked and tracked – that match
  • Never have broken links (because relevent products are pulled afresh for each visitor)
  • And dynamic links to match the Zazzle domain for your visitor’s location
  • Looks equally good on mobile and desktop

If you could find a way of doing all that, you’d be crazy not to. Since I’ve been doing it, the quality of my blog posts has gone up hugely – and I’m getting more visitors and referral commission as a result.

It’s not what I want it to be – and can reasonably expect – yet, but it’s not an overnight, get-rich-quick kinda thing.

NiftyGridZPro – the only Zazzle WordPress plugin

…you’ll ever need.

I can’t directly show you the plugin in action here as this isn’t a self-hosted WordPress blog. Have a look at this post on my other blog which uses it. Here’s a screenshot:


If you’re ready to go up a notch in your promoting and stop wasting valuable time, then take action now to put yourself on the path to success.

Take action and stop wasting your valuable time

As a first step, get your free Zazzle WordPress plugin download here and when you’ve seen how much time you’ll save, go premium, here.